Get Your Film Distributed

Apparat is a boutique festival agency for all the filmmakers/producers out there that need help with getting their film distributed.

We believe that your festival run should live up to your film’s real potential, so at Apparat, we help make sure that your film gets seen.

With 15 years of festival experience, we know the drill.

Focus on the work that matters

Film Festivals can be complicated to navigate, they can be time-consuming when you are submitting hundreds of times and it could become daunting to coordinate and follow-up on all the submissions. All of this when you should be writing your next script, start the pre-production or shooting of your new project, or even finish the post-production of your latest film.

Say goodbye to donkeywork

Your creativity ends up being constantly disrupted and there is a more enlightened way to work. Our Agency helps you with this: we develop a full-on festival strategy, submit entry forms, track results and even help organize your visit to festivals. Easy.

What we do

  • festival strategy,
  • selecting appropriate festivals,
  • submitting entry forms,
  • tracking results,
  • helping organise your visit to festivals.

And honestly? We’re pretty good at it.

No idea where to start or what a festival agency even does? No worries, here’s the lay-down.

01 You get in touch to claim your free consultation

02 We get back to you asap to schedule a date

03 During the consultation we listen to your story and figure out how we can take stress off your shoulders, help your film thrive and make sure you’re taking advantage of all the good stuff film festivals have to offer — the first consultation is always on us

04 We send you a personalised quotation, based on what we believe will offer you the most value

05 If the quotation is approved, we agree on a starting date

06 Stress-free living starts here; all of your festival needs are taken care of and all there’s left to focus on is prepping your next project!


Why us?

We have been working for film festivals for the last 15 years, run festivals in London, Berlin, Paris, and New York and have started our own streaming platform called yuzzi. We know what to focus on, we know how to promote films and we know how to distribute films. We basically know how the industry works. This is the expertise you’re getting if you’re working with us.

Can we work together?

As we want to be fully dedicated to our customers, we only take on a handful of projects each year. We are fully booked for 2022 BUT you can get in touch now as we will open new collaborations from Q1 2023.

Ready to take the next step and work together?